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Organization and Board

The PSMES board of directors is made up of elected officers, six to nine at large members, the MNE department head, and a mechanical engineering faculty member. To become a board member, contact the PSMES president for more information. The Board meets by teleconference quarterly and holds at least one on-site meeting per year at Penn State.

Current Board of Directors - Alumni Members
Position Name/E-mail Committee(s)
until 2017
Amos Morse
Early Career Award
VP/President Elect
VP until 2017
President: 2017-2019
Jim Roche President Elect, Networking
Kyle Verrinder Social activities, Student Engagement, Early Career Award
Past President
Bill McQuade
at-large Board of Directors
until 2018
Chris Melville Mentoring
Mimi Overbaugh Social Activities, Student Engagement
at-large Board of Directors
until 2017
Leland Engel Social Activities
Justin Latorre Alumni Recognition
Rich Randall Mentoring

Bob Swope


Shaun Verrinder

E-Knowledge Commons, PSMES Website


Elections will open June 1, 2017 and remain open through June 30, 2017. PSMES members can vote with their PSMES registered email at

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Who to Contact

  • Amos Morse
    PSMES President President
  • Dr. Karen A. Thole
    Head of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • Kelly Caviston
    Alumni Communications Coordinator and Budget Assistant
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