PSNES Board and Elections

Organization and Board

The PSNES board of directors is made up elected officer positions, six to nine at large members, the chair of the nuclear engineering program, a nuclear engineering faculty member, and the director of the Radiation Science and Engineering Center. To become a board member, contact the PSNES president for more information. The Board meets by teleconference quarterly and holds at least one on-site meeting per year at Penn State.

Current Board of Directors - Alumni Members
Position Name/E-mail Committee(s)

Douglas Wood

Board Operations, Nominating Committee, Constitution Committee, PSNES - PSEAS Liaison, Mentor

Vice President / President- Elect



Hilary Ruby (Neal)

Board Operations, PSNES Linked-In Group Administrator, NucE Student Orientation, Mentor

Past President

Rick Etling

Constitution Committee

At-large Directors

John Atchison

Awards Committee, Mentor

Eric Beaumont


Matt Ellis

Board meeting participation

Duane Karchner

NucE Student Orientation, Mentor

Michael Pantano

Board Meeting participation
Matt Wargon Board Meeting participation, Awards Committee

Jim Tusar

Award Committee, Breazeale Reactor Safeguards Committee, NucE Student Orientation, Mentor, PSNES- PSU WIN Liaison

Jeremy Barnhart

Board Meeting Participation

Hamilton Gubanc

Board Meeting Participation
PSNES APG representative to PSEAS Board -Pat Loftus and Doug Wood

2018 Elections

Continuing Terms – Terms Ending in 2020 (“Class of 2020”)


  • Matt Ellis
  • James Tusar
  • Matt Wargon
  • Jeremy Barnhart

Ending Terms – Terms Ending in 2018 (“Class of 2018”) (Candidates who are nominated for each of these are listed in bolded text)


  • ***President – Douglas Wood, nominated - Hilary Ruby
  • ***Vice President – Vacant, nominated - Jason Beebe
  • ***Secretary/Treasurer – Hilary Ruby, nominated - Tyler Cousins

      Directors (whose terms expire in 2018)

  • ***John Atchison (elected in 2013; expressed interest in continuing), nominated – John Atchison
  • ***Eric Beaumont (elected in 2013), nominated - Jennifer Butler
  • ***Duane Karchner (elected in 2013; expressed interest in continuing) nominated – Duane Karchner
  • ***Michael Pantano (elected in 2013; expressed interest in continuing) nominated – Michael Pantano
  • ***Hamilton Gubanc (appointed in 2017; unable to serve next term), nominated - Mara Levy
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