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  • Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
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229 Reber Building


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Research Areas:

Interest Areas:

Nuclear reactor analysis and design; nuclear reactor safety; sustainable nuclear fuel cycles; advanced reactors; advanced nuclear fuel and cladding materials; process heat applications of nuclear energy.




  • BS, Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2005
  • MS, Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, 2007
  • Ph D, Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, 2011


Book, Chapters

  • M Nedim Cinbiz, Nicholas Brown, Kurt A Terrani, Rick R Lowden, Donald Erdman and III, 2017, The Mechanical Response Evaluation of Advanced Claddings During Proposed Reactivity Initiated Accident Conditions, Springer International Publishing, pp. 355–365

Journal Articles

  • Nicholas Brown, Andrew Worrall and Michael Todosow, 2017, "Impact of thermal spectrum small modular reactors on performance of once-through nuclear fuel cycles with low-enriched uranium", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 101, pp. 166–173
  • Nicholas Brown, Benjamin R Betzler, Juan J Carbajo, Aaron J Wysocki, M Scott Greenwood, Cole Gentry, Qualls and A Louis, 2017, "Preconceptual design of a fluoride high temperature salt-cooled engineering demonstration reactor: Core design and safety analysis", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 103, pp. 49–59
  • Nicholas Brown, Aaron J Wysocki, Kurt A Terrani, Kevin G Xu and Daniel M Wachs, 2017, "The potential impact of enhanced accident tolerant cladding materials on reactivity initiated accidents in light water reactors", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 99, pp. 353–365
  • M Nedim Cinbiz, Nicholas Brown, Kurt A Terrani, Rick R Lowden and Donald Erdman, 2017, "A pulse-controlled modified-burst test instrument for accident-tolerant fuel cladding", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 109, pp. 396–404
  • Jacob W McMurray, Terrence B Lindemer, Nicholas Brown, Tyler J Reif, Robert N Morris and John D Hunn, 2017, "Determining the minimum required uranium carbide content for HTGR UCO fuel kernels", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 104, pp. 237–242
  • Maolong Liu, Nicholas Brown, Kurt A Terrani, Amir F Ali, Edward D Blandford and Daniel M Wachs, 2017, "Potential impact of accident tolerant fuel cladding critical heat flux characteristics on the high temperature phase of reactivity initiated accidents", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 110, pp. 48–62
  • Jeffery B Greenblatt, Nicholas Brown, Rachel Slaybaugh, Theresa Wilks, Emma Stewart and Sean T McCoy, 2017, "The Future of Low-Carbon Electricity", Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 42, (1)
  • Nicholas Brown, Brett W Carlsen, Brent W Dixon, Bo Feng, Harris R Greenberg, Ross D Hays, Stefano Passerini, Michael Todosow and Andrew Worrall, 2016, "Identification of fuel cycle simulator functionalities for analysis of transition to a new fuel cycle", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 96, pp. 88–95
  • Qualls, A Louis, Benjamin R Betzler, Nicholas Brown, Juan J Carbajo, M Scott Greenwood, Richard Hale, Thomas J Harrison, Jeffrey J Powers, Kevin R Robb, Jerry Terrell and others, 2016, "Preconceptual design of a fluoride high temperature salt-cooled engineering demonstration reactor: Motivation and overview", Annals of Nuclear Energy
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  • Nicholas Brown, Jeffrey J Powers, Michael Todosow, Massimiliano Fratoni, Hans Ludewig, Eva E Sunny, Gilad Raitses and Arnold Aronson, 2016, "Thorium Fuel Cycles with Externally Driven Systems", Nuclear Technology, 194, (2), pp. 233–251
  • Florent Heidet, Nicholas Brown and Malek Haj Tahar, 2015, "Accelerator–Reactor Coupling for Energy Production in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles", Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology, 8, pp. 99–114
  • JS Baek, A Cuadra, L-Y Cheng, AL Hanson, NR Brown and DJ Diamond, 2015, "Analysis of Loss-of-Flow Accidents for the NIST Research Reactor with Fuel Conversion from HEU to LEU", Nuclear Technology, 189, (1), pp. 71–86
  • Nicholas Brown, Michael Todosow and Arantxa Cuadra, 2015, "Screening of advanced cladding materials and UN–U 3 Si 5 fuel", Journal of Nuclear Materials, 462, pp. 26–42
  • Nicholas Brown, J. J. Powers, B. Feng, F. Heidet, N. E. Stauff, G. Zhang, M. Todosow, A. Worrall, J. C. Gehin, T.K. Kim and others, 2015, "Sustainable thorium nuclear fuel cycles: A comparison of intermediate and fast neutron spectrum systems", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 289, pp. 252–265
  • JS Baek, A Cuadra, L-Y Cheng, AL Hanson, NR Brown and DJ Diamond, 2014, "Analysis of Reactivity Insertion Accidents for the NIST Research Reactor Before and After Fuel Conversion", Nuclear Technology, 185, (1), pp. 1–20
  • DJ Diamond, JS Baek, AL Hanson, LY Cheng, Nicholas Brown and A Cuadra, 2014, "Conversion Preliminary Safety Analysis Report for the NIST Research Reactor", Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY
  • Nicholas Brown, Albert L Hanson and David J Diamond, 2014, "Impact of Local Burnup on Prediction of Power Density in the NIST Research Reactor", Nuclear Technology, 187, (1), pp. 103–116
  • Nicholas Brown, Arnold Aronson, Michael Todosow, Ryan Brito and Kenneth J McClellan, 2014, "Neutronic performance of uranium nitride composite fuels in a PWR", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 275, pp. 393–407
  • LY Cheng, A Cuadra and Nicholas Brown, 2014, "PWR Plant Model to Assess Performance of Accident Tolerant Fuel in Anticipated Transients and Accidents", IAEA TECDOC SERIES, pp. 211
  • NR Brown and M Todosow, 2014, "Reactor Performance Screening of Accident Tolerant Fuel and Cladding Candidate Systems", IAEA TECDOC SERIES, pp. 231
  • Nicholas Brown, Hans Ludewig, Arnold Aronson, Gilad Raitses and Michael Todosow, 2013, "Neutronic evaluation of a PWR with fully ceramic microencapsulated fuel. Part I: Lattice benchmarking, cycle length, and reactivity coefficients", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 62, pp. 538–547
  • Nicholas Brown and Shripad T Revankar, 2012, "A review of catalytic sulfur (VI) oxide decomposition experiments", international journal of hydrogen energy, 37, (3), pp. 2685–2698
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  • Nicholas Brown, Volkan Seker, Shripad T Revankar and Thomas J Downar, 2012, "Transient simulation of an endothermic chemical process facility coupled to a high temperature reactor: Model development and validation", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 248, pp. 1–13

Technical Reports

  • Randy Belles, Willis P Poore, III, Nicholas Brown, George F Flanagan, Mark Holbrook, Wayne Moe and Tanju Sofu, 2017, "Proposed Advanced Reactor Adaptation of the Standard Review Plan NUREG-0800 Chapter 4 (Reactor) for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors and Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors"
  • Nicholas Brown, Jeffrey J Powers, Don Mueller and Bruce W Patton, 2016, "Complete Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analysis of LR-0 Reactor Experiments with MSRE FLiBe Salt and Perform Comparison with Molten Salt Cooled and Molten Salt Fueled Reactor Models"
  • A Qualls, Nicholas Brown, Benjamin R Betzler, Juan Carbajo, Richard Edward Hale, Thomas J Harrison, Jeffrey J Powers, Kevin R Robb, Jerry W Terrell and A. Wysocki, 2016, "Fluoride Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Demonstration Reactor Point Design"
  • Nicholas Brown, William David Pointer, Matt Sieger, George F Flanagan, Wayne Moe and Mark Holbrook, 2016, "Qualification of Simulation Software for Safety Assessment of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors: Requirements and Recommendations"
  • Brad Merrill, Melissa Teague, Robert Youngblood, Larry Ott, Kevin Robb, Michael Todosow, Chris Stanek, Mitchell Farmer, Michael Billone, Robert Montgomery and others, 2014, "Advanced Fuels Campaign Light Water Reactor Accident Tolerant Fuel Performance Metrics"

Research Projects

Honors and Awards

  • Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, Purdue University, 2010 - 2011
  • Graduate Fellowship, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2006 - 2009
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operators Fellowship, INPO, 2005 - 2006


Service to Penn State:

Service to External Organizations:

  • Committee Member, Reactor Physics Division Program Committee, American Nuclear Society, 2015 - 2018
  • Chairperson, Fuel Cycle and Actinide Management and Reactor Physics Experiments, PHYSOR2014: Role of Reactor Physics towards a Sustainable Future, 2014
  • Chairperson, Integral and Separate Thermal Hydraulics Testing and Analysis I & II, International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, 2010
  • President, Purdue Alpha Nu Sigma Nuclear Engineering Honor Society, 2009 - 2010
  • Chairperson, General Two Phase Flow, American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting, 2006
  • DemonstratorUniversity of New Mexico Nuclear Science Workshop for middle and high school science teachers, 2003



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