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(10) Selected Research Projects

  • January 2011—December 2015, ""Fundamental Studies of the Role of Grain Boundaries on Uniform Corrosion of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Materials"," (Sponsor: DOE-Nuclear Energy University Programs).
  • August 2012—August 2015, "Microbeam Synchrotron Radiation Examination of Oxide Layers in Irradiated Zircaloy," (Sponsor: EPRI-NFIR).
  • January 2011—December 2014, ""Anisotropic Azimuthal Power and Temperature Distribution on Fuel Rod: Impact on Hydride Distribution"," (Sponsor: DOE-Nuclear Energy University Programs).
  • September 2010—March 2014, "In-Situ Study of Hydride Reorientation and Fracture Behavior of Zirconium Alloys," (Sponsor: NRC).
  • February 2011—February 2014, "Hydrogen Pickup Mechanism in Zirconium-Based Alloys A Collaborative University Study," (Sponsor: EPRI).
  • October 2010—October 2013, "Microstructure and Property Evolution in Advanced Cladding and Duct Materials Under Long-Term and Elevated Temperature Irradiation: Modeling and Simulation," (Sponsor: DOE-NEUP).
  • August 2010—August 2013, "Understanding the Irradiation Behavior of Zirconium Carbide," (Sponsor: DOE-NEUP).
  • August 2009—August 2012, "Measurement of Residual Stresses and Phases in Zircaloy-4 Samples by Advanced Photon Source," (Sponsor: Bettis Laboratories).
  • August 2007—July 2011, "Materials World Network: Kinetics of Hydride Precipitation Near a Crack Tip in Zirconium," (Sponsor: National Science Foundation).
  • November 2007—May 2011, "Cladding and Structural Materials for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems," (Sponsor: DOE).


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