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(28) Selected Research Projects

  • October 2011—October 2016, "Penn State GATE Center of Excellence: In-Vehicle, High-Power Energy Storage Technologies," (Sponsor: DOE).
  • October 2013—October 2015, "Efficient Safety and Degradation Modeling of Automotive Li-ion Cells and Packs," (Sponsor: DOE).
  • November 2013—November 2014, "PowerPanels: Multifunctional Composites with Li-Ion Battery Cores," (Sponsor: ARPA-E).
  • September 2009—August 2014, "EFRI-BSBA: Learning from Plants -- Biologically-Inspired Multi-Functional Adaptive Structural Systems," (Sponsor: NSF).
  • July 2011—June 2014, "Artificial Tailboom Damping," (Sponsor: Bell Helicopter).
  • June 2012—May 2014, "Battery Usage and Aging in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains," (Sponsor: Volvo Powertrain Sweden).
  • May 2011—May 2014, "Development of Computer Aided Design Tools for Automotive Batteries," (Sponsor: DOE).
  • October 2012—May 2014, "Underground Mining Battery Advanced Packaging," (Sponsor: GE Energy).
  • October 2012—September 2013, "Development and Validation of Model-Based and Self-Calibrating Battery State Estimation Techniques," (Sponsor: Cummins, Inc.).
  • October 2008—September 2013, "Testing, Simulation and Control of Lead-Acid Batteries for Energy Storage and Regenerative Braking of Hybrid Locomotives," (Sponsor: DOE).
  • July 2009—June 2012, "Development and Experimental Validation of an Electrochemical Control Model of Li-Ion Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles," (Sponsor: Cummins Technical Center).
  • September 2008—August 2011, "Braille Display Using EAP," (Sponsor: NIH).
  • September 2009—August 2011, "Phase II Micro Air Vehicle Tether Recovery Apparatus," (Sponsor: AFOSR).
  • July 2008—June 2011, "High Performance Piezoelectric Actuators and Wings for Nano Air Vehicles," (Sponsor: AFOSR).
  • January 2008—December 2009, "Naval Rotorcraft Technologies for Enhance Safety, Survivabilty and Performance," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • April 2008—March 2009, "Model-Based SOH/SOL Estimation for HEV Li-Ion Batteries," (Sponsor: General Motors).
  • December 2005—December 2008, "System Control Architecture and Transducer Concepts for Underwater Port Protection," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • April 2007—June 2008, "High Performance Piezoelectric Airframes for Nano Air Vehicles," (Sponsor: AFOSR).
  • December 2006—November 2007, "Design, Fabrication, and Control of Flexible Matrix Composite Skins for Nastic Structure Actuation," (Sponsor: DARPA).
  • July 2006—June 2007, "Fluidic Flexible Matrix Composites for Autonomous Structural Tailoring," (Sponsor: DARPA).
  • July 2005—June 2007, "KCF/PSU Smart Tether Retrofit Device for Localization of Tethered Bodies - Phase II," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • April 2005—October 2006, "Soft Robot Manipulators and Manipulation - Phase II," (Sponsor: DARPA).
  • June 2004—December 2005, "Fibrillar Network Adaptive Structure with Ion Transport Actuation - Phase I," (Sponsor: DARPA).
  • October 2004—September 2005, "Control Systems for 3D Contact Sensing in Surf-Zone Environments," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • August 2003—April 2005, "Soft Robot Manipulators and Manipulation - Phase I," (Sponsor: DARPA).
  • July 2004—January 2005, "KCF/PSU Smart Tether Retrofit Device for Localization of Tethered Bodies," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • July 2004—January 2005, "KCF/PSU Smart Tether Retrofit Device for Localization of Tethered Bodies - Phase II," (Sponsor: ONR).
  • June 2001—June 2004, "Aerostat Design and Manufacturing Program," (Sponsor: Army).


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