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(11) Selected Research Projects

  • October 2009—October 2012, "The Effects of Pressure, Temperature and Mixing on the Auto-Ignition of High-Hydrogen Content Fuels," (Sponsor: DOE UTSR).
  • January 2008—December 2011, "A Methodology for Developing Stable Lean Premixed Combustors," (Sponsor: Solar Turbines).
  • April 2009—December 2011, "Stable Fuel-Flexible Lean Premixed Combustors," (Sponsor: DOE - Solar Turbines).
  • January 2011—December 2011, "Utilization of Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Control of Combustion Instabilities," (Sponsor: DOE NETL).
  • October 2008—September 2011, "Combustion Dynamics in Multi-Nozzle Combustors Operating on High-Hydrogen Fuels," (Sponsor: DOE UTSR).
  • January 2010—December 2010, "Flame Response Studies in Single and Multi- Nozzle Combustors," (Sponsor: GE).
  • November 2006—November 2010, "Active Combustion Control for Low Emissions Combustors," (Sponsor: NASA Glenn).
  • April 2007—March 2010, "Prediction of Combustion Stability and Flashback in Turbines with High-Hydrogen Fuels," (Sponsor: DOE NETL).
  • January 2008—December 2009, "Flame Response Measurements and Predictions," (Sponsor: GE Energy and GE GRC).
  • April 2007—December 2009, "Keystone Innovation Starter Kit Proposal," (Sponsor: PA Department of Community & Economic Development).
  • October 2006—October 2009, "Combustion Instability Mechanisms in Lean Premixed Combustors," (Sponsor: NSF).


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