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(17) Selected Research Projects

  • January 2013—June 2013, "Locomotive battery cycling and cooling system validation," (Sponsor: Norfolk Southern).
  • July 2012—June 2013, "On-road Validation of Dual Fuel CNG/Diesel Substitution on a Semi Tractor," (Sponsor: Ben Franklin/Mautc).
  • March 2012—October 2012, "Feasibility of Liquid Natural Gas for Commercial Vehicles on the Pennsylvania Turnpike," (Sponsor: Pennsylvania Turnpike).
  • November 2011—April 2012, "Hawbaker MACK Dual Fuel CNG Diesel Conversion and Test," (Sponsor: Ben Franklin).
  • January 2006—December 2011, "Graduate Automotive Technology Education Center for High-power In-vehicle Energy Storage," (Sponsor: US DOE).
  • January 2006—December 2011, "Graduate Automotive Technology Education Center for High-power In-vehicle Energy Storage," (Sponsor: US DOE).
  • May 2010—May 2011, "Best Practice Charging Infrastructure and use of Pluggable Vehicles in the Penn State University Park Fleet," (Sponsor: Penn State).
  • January 2009—January 2011, "On-board Hydrogen Production Module from Aluminum and Water," (Sponsor: PA DEP).
  • July 2006—June 2008, "Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant for Additional Hydrogen Vehicles and Operation," (Sponsor: PA Department of Environmental Protection).
  • July 2006—June 2008, "Phase II Continuation of Hydrogen Fleet and Station Demonstration," (Sponsor: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development).
  • January 2006—August 2007, "Solar Decathlon Team Entry Proposal," (Sponsor: US DOE).
  • August 2006—June 2007, "Honda Visiting Scientist Program," (Sponsor: Honda Motors Corp.).
  • May 2004—December 2006, "Demonstration of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle-to-grid Power Generation," (Sponsor: ERA Power Company).
  • June 2004—June 2006, "Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant for Hydrogen Vehicles," (Sponsor: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection).
  • January 2005—June 2006, "Demonstration of an Operational Hydrogen Fueling Station," (Sponsor: PA DEP, PA DCED).
  • January 2006—March 2006, "Power Architecture Study for Hybrid Electric Combat Vehicle," (Sponsor: General Dynamics Land Systems).
  • August 2000—April 2003, "Simulation and Field Testing of Hybrid Ultra-Capacitor/Battery Energy Storage System for Electric Transit Vehicles," (Sponsor: DARPA/US DOT).


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