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(22) Selected Research Projects

  • March 2006—August 2014, "NGM Feasibillity Study," (Sponsor: Westinghouse Electric Company).
  • January 2000—December 2012, "Development of COBRA-TF for Stand-Alone and Coupled Calculations," (Sponsor: AREVA NP, Germany).
  • January 2005—December 2010, "Automated Monte Carlo Based Depletion Methodlogy," (Sponsor: AREVA NP, Germany).
  • August 2006—December 2008, "Sensitivity Study on the Energy Group Structure for HTR Analysis - Phase I," (Sponsor: INL).
  • September 2005—August 2008, "Advanced Deterministic Transport Methdos for PBMR Analysis," (Sponsor: PBMR Ltd (Pty)).
  • January 2002—May 2008, "BWR Cycle and Coupled Calculations," (Sponsor: CEA, France).
  • July 2005—November 2007, "Development of Pilot Professional Summer Program on Reactor Dynamics," (Sponsor: DOE INIE Mini-Grant).
  • August 2007—October 2007, "Assessment of FRAPCON Capabilities for Prediction of Nuclear Fuel Behavior in Advanced Burners," (Sponsor: ANL).
  • January 2003—September 2007, "TRACE/PARCS BWR Assessment," (Sponsor: Purdue/NRC).
  • October 2006—May 2007, "Generation of Cross-section Libraries for Coupled RELAP5/PARCS Calculations of VVER-440 Reactors in Armenia," (Sponsor: PNNL, DOE).
  • September 2004—August 2006, "Improving the Transient Analysis Models of POLCA-T," (Sponsor: Westinghouse, Sweden).
  • January 2003—May 2006, "Monte Carlo Modeling of the PSU Beam Port Facility," (Sponsor: INIE, DOE).
  • May 2005—May 2006, "PARAGON Code Project," (Sponsor: Westinghouse Electric Company).
  • November 2004—March 2006, "HELIOS Model Refinemnets and Input Decks for Different Types of IRIS Assemblies," (Sponsor: Battelle-ORNL).
  • June 2003—December 2005, "Accuracy Evaluation of the Peak Pin Exposure Calculations in Current LWR Core Design Codes," (Sponsor: FERMI).
  • July 2003—September 2005, "A New Methodology for Early Anomaly Detection of BWR Instabilities," (Sponsor: DOE NEER).
  • January 2000—September 2005, "Neutron Physics Analysis Method Assessment for VVER Reactors," (Sponsor: Battelle-PNNL/DOE).
  • June 2002—August 2005, "Development of Advanced Methods for PBMR Neutronics," (Sponsor: DOE NERI).
  • May 2003—December 2004, "Consistent Generation of Two-Group Kinetics Data for Coupled 3D Transient Calculations," (Sponsor: Westinghouse ABB, Sweden).
  • January 2002—December 2003, "CRISSUE-S Project," (Sponsor: DOE).
  • January 2001—December 2003, "Developing and Maintaining ENTRÉE Simulator Coupled with TRAC," (Sponsor: TEPSYS, Japan).
  • February 2003—October 2003, "Develop Nuclear Cross-Section in Support of the NERI IPP," (Sponsor: ORNL, DOE).


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