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(11) Selected Research Projects

  • October 2010—July 2013, "In-Vehicle Driving Behavior Field Study," (Sponsor: Strategic Highway Research Program-2 (SHRP-2) Project S07).
  • March 2009—September 2011, "Distributed Power Management Project at the Philadelphia Navy Yard," (Sponsor: Ben Franklin Technology Development Association).
  • September 2008—September 2010, "HyPER: Hybrid Power and Energy for Robotics," (Sponsor: Department of Defense: NAVEOD Division).
  • August 2005—August 2010, "Penn State GATE Center of Excellence: In-Vehicle, High-Power Energy Storage Technologies," (Sponsor: Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory).
  • September 2007—May 2010, "Design of Product Families for EOD Robots," (Sponsor: Dept of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, N00024-02-D-6604. NAVEOD).
  • October 2008—March 2010, "Driver Assist Technologies for Platooning Heavy Vehicles / Convoy Collision Avoidance," (Sponsor: Army TACOM / Applied Research Lab).
  • January 2005—December 2009, "Project 22-21 "Median Cross-section Design for Rural Divided Highways"," (Sponsor: National Cooperative Highway Research Program).
  • January 2009—June 2009, "Attribute Based Analysis of Stop Stick, Spike Strip and other Tire Deflation Devices, NIJ-K005-2," (Sponsor: Department of Justice).
  • May 2008—October 2008, ""Analysis of Pursuit Database and Compilation of Pursuit Management Technologies, NIJ-K005-1"," (Sponsor: Department of Justice).
  • July 2007—July 2008, "Production Testing Techniques for Performance Assessment of the Primary Power Management System for Heavy Tactical Vehicles," (Sponsor: Department of Defense, Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM)).
  • December 2006—May 2008, "Study of the Relationship Between Results of the Bus Testing Program and In-Service Performance of Buses," (Sponsor: Federal Transit Agency).


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