Student Travel Grants

2012 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference

Application Deadline: September 20, 2012

Please email the application package to:

I. Purpose
The Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD) of the ASME has funds to support a limited number of ASME student members affiliated with the DSCD who will be presenting a paper at the 2012 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (2012 DSCC). Monetary support may be used towards transportation costs between the student’s home institution to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, lodging costs and conference registration. Full travel support should not be expected due to the limited amount of funds. Students must seek additional sources of funding, to be reported in their applications and reimbursement requests (including personal sources).
II. Detailed Information
Applications will only be considered from individuals who are:
  • enrolled in a degree program in a university or other postsecondary institution (you must have been a student at the time of your initial paper submission on March 23, 2012),
  • members of the ASME and affiliated with the DSCD,
  • authors or co-authors of a paper accepted for presentation in the 2012 DSCC, and
Support will be awarded first to students who:
  • are the first author or the presenting author, if the first author is not requesting support, and,
  • submit completed applications early.
Successful applicants will be:
  • notified of the amount of support on October 1st, 2012
  • reimbursed after the conference, upon receipt of expense report and receipts
  • required to participate in your paper’s actual presentation at the conference
  • required to attend the ASME DSCD Executive Committee Meeting during 2012 DSCC or the Student and Young Professionals Meeting. Attendance of the latter event is strongly encouraged.
III. Application Instructions
DEADLINE: September 20, 2012
You are strongly encouraged to use the template (available from the DSCC 2012 web page) for the application.
  1. Ask your advisor to write a brief letter affirming that you are a student under his/her supervision, must confirm authorship and participation in the conference and must state the amount of support being requested.
  2. Fill in the provided template with the following information:
    • Personal information: Name, institutional address, phone and fax numbers.
    • Name, institutional address, phone and fax numbers for academic advisor.
    • Title, session number and authorship (first or co-author) 2012 DSCC paper(s)
    • Overall budget broken out into:
      1. Registration
      2. Transportation (specify means and dates)
      3. Lodging (specify dates)
      4. Incidentals (taxis, meals)
    • Items for which support is requested.The expenses for which travel grant is requested must not be reimbursed through other means. Please keep receipts of lodging, air fare, registration, and other expenses. You will need to submit copies of all receipts after the conference.
  3. Email 1 and 2 as email attachments (Word or PDF preferred) to the student travel grant support team: Please include (1) DSCC paper number and (2) Student’s name in the subject line.


Document prepared by Jun Ueda