Senior Lab Courses

Students must take two laboratory courses. Students may also take ME 445 (4 cr.), which serves as both a 3-credit technical elective and a 1-credit laboratory course. Please refer to the University Bulletin for prerequisites needed prior to registering for a course.

ME 315: Heat Transfer Laboratory (1 cr.)
Application of the fundamental concepts associated with conduction, convection and radiation to the actual measurements of heat transfer.

ME 325: Fluids Laboratory (1 cr.)
Laboratory experience with fluid mechanics measurement techniques: flow visualization, pressure measurement, hot-wire anemometry, laser Doppler anemometry, lift and drag, computational fluid dynamics.

ME 355: Automatic Controls Laboratory (1 cr.)
Experimental investigation of simple position, velocity, and temperature control systems with analog and digital controllers.

ME 375: Vibrations Laboratory (1 cr.)
Experimental measurement and analysis of mechanical system dynamics.

E MCH 316: Experimental Determination of Mechanical Response of Materials (1 cr.)
Experimental techniques for mechanical property measurement and structural testing.

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